Glorious Walks

I read a this yesterday in Raold Dahl’s Boy about his Father:

“Every time my mother became pregnant, he would wait until the last three months of her pregnancy and then would announce to her that ‘the glorious walks’ must begin. These glorious walks consisted of him taking her to places of great beauty in the countryside and walking with her for about an hour each day so that she could absorb the splendour of the surroundings. His theory was that if the eye of a pregnant woman was constantly observing the beauty of nature, this beauty would somehow become transmitted to the mind of the unborn baby within her womb and that baby would grow up to be a lover of beautiful things.” -Roald Dahl  
I started this painting when Wendy was well into her pregnancy. It is in part about sheer joy and my perception of our daughter’s pending voyage of discovery. I had to put it aside for a while and  just finished it today.
Making work is a glorious walk.

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